Tire Service Near Riverside, CA

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Tire Service at Mark Christopher Cadillac

You depend on your tires to get you where you need to go. They take you all around Chino Hills, Riverside, and Victorville, mile after mile. When they need serviced, you can trust the service center at Mark Christopher Cadillac to do the job.

How to Maintain Your Tires

Maintaining your tires will help them to last longer. Maintenance includes checking the tire pressure and ensuring it stays at the correct PSI. If the tires have low pressure, it will cause them to wear out faster. Newer vehicles often have a warning light for your tires that comes from a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system sends an alert with a light to indicate the pressure is below the recommended pressure by at least 25 percent.

When you bring your vehicle in for service, our service technicians will check the tire pressure. They will also look at the tread on your tires. They’ll let you know if the tread is wearing low and the tire should be replaced.

Tire Rotation and Alignment Near Chino Hills

Your tires wear differently, depending on where they are located on your vehicle. If you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, the front tires will likely wear down faster. Rotating your tires regularly allows them to wear down evenly. It prolongs the life of the tire and ensures better contact with the road.

Over time, your wheels can become misaligned, which allows the tires to wear unevenly. When you have your wheels aligned, the technicians will readjust the suspension system back to the original specifications. If you don’t get them aligned, the tires will develop odd wear patterns, often wearing on the outside sooner than the inside of the tire.

Your tires can become out of balance as well. When you take your vehicle in for an alignment, the technicians also check for balance. They will add weights to put the tire back in balance so that it rides smoothly.

How to Know When Your Tires Need Service

Since your tires make direct contact with the road, they will indicate service is needed by the way the vehicle rides. You may feel bumps or vibrations as you’re driving. This often indicates that either the tires or something in the suspension system need attention.

You may find the vehicle is more difficult to steer or it pulls in one direction. You may have trouble getting the vehicle to stop when you apply the brakes. You can also look at the tread and notice if it’s wearing evenly or if there’s more wear in one area.

If you need tire service, you can schedule an appointment online with Mark Christopher Cadillac. We can take care of your tire issues or replace the tires with a set from our parts department. Our team will let you know if they notice any problems with your tires during our multi-point inspection.

Let Mark Christopher Cadillac keep you on the road safely with regular tire service. Make an appointment with us today.